Advisory Services


Doing business has become highly technical.  Quite often, it is easy to get caught up in the technology and loose sight of your purpose - the bottom line.  At Integrid, the purpose is always bottom-line oriented.  Our considerable business background and experience allows us to understand your needs, perform appropriate needs analyses, and recommend appropriate, cost-effective technology.  We also can do much more . . .



It is generally agreed that technology has significantly improved productivity and efficiency in today's economy.  What has it done for your business?  While technology can be a big advantage, it also can be an

expensive waste of time. We have considerable experience in identifying and implementing technology.  If you have a particular challenge, let us take a look. 


In addition to understanding the technology, we understand operations, finance, and overall management challenges.  We can approach the technology from your point of view.


We also can use technology and our business experience to help with specific projects that may not be technology focused.  We also often find that our project management and information gathering expertise can be applied in other areas.  In particular, we are comfortable in other non-technology contexts such as marketing, sales, finance, and legal support.  Just another way that Integrid can augment and extend your in-house resources, improving your bottom line . . .

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